Blackout’s Back

Cover of the first edition of Blackout

Thanks to all you orthography enthusiasts who took the time to point out the errors in my first book. Blackout has returned now to the shelves in its First Edition. Some parts have been cut, some have changed – but the overall essence remains the same.

You can buy it in Black and White, or in colour.

The Naked Reading is now only accessible for online viewing at a price of £2.50, payable as a Paypal donation.

Tell me if want to buy the two songs, Sexlife and Whatever, that are featured in the book and available to listen to on my website and I’ll realise these in a suitable format for downloading.

Tentatively seeking Benefactor/Sponsor who is a literature/language enthusiast and in a position to provide a certain amount of financial stability to Ms Williams on the basis of a belief in her work so far.

Please note: this is NOT in any way an invite for anyone but serious possible sponsors. If a meeting is arranged with Ms Williams this will be appropriately chaperoned. It is for this reason Ms Williams requests any interested party contacts her via her business email account, writewrite@tracywilliams.me

Tracy's Graduation BA

I always thought I was the ‘1 in 10.’ While this may be true for certain aspects of my DNA, it appears that, this year, I am also the ‘1 in 3′  – 1 in 3 students who gained a First-class Honours Degree in Literature, after 6 years of study with The Open University (an institution which has my most sincere respect). The Masters Degree is next. If my creative literary endeavours don’t match these standards I may just end up as an old Alcoholic-Academic. Anything is possible. . .


Robert De Niro was recently in a movie with me. It’s called The Killer Elite, loosely based on the book by Sir Ranulph Fiennes and his time with the SAS. A Big Budget Car Crashing movie – it has, unfortunately, not impressed the critics, despite the fact that both Mr De Niro and myself are method trained actors. I presume, therefore that this critical chagrin is a result of the fact that all those wonderful close-ups of your humble narrator ended up on the cutting room floor. Of course I look good, which is all that matters. The remaining short line (I say ‘Go on you cheeky bugger!’) and appearance of my face can be viewed at 22minutes and 15 seconds into the film. It’s out on video to buy now, which of course is your decision. However it is not incumbent upon you, dear reader, to poise your finger over the ffwd button or purchase anything, as I have generously extracted the best scene right here for your enjoyment. Meantime, I’ll get back to my real work; as a vague somnambulist, stumbling from paragraph to paragraph.

As you all know, this is a serious literary website (to those of you who get it) and I would never do what I am about to do without grave reason. This goes beyond nudity, because I’m never sure I want you to know me. Those of you who have viewed the Insomnia: Doctors and Drug Dealers work-in-progress reading will perhaps comprehend what it means to me to have made it to forty years of age sans suicide.

Me still here. And so; I share these photographs of my 40th birthday party with you for the reasons above.

Question: Why are any of us still here? Send your answers in.

The cake was a beautiful surprise; a replica of a vintage Smith Corona typewriter I have recently bought out of pure indulgent nostalgia for the days when writers went click click clack clackety clack.  It had rice paper scattered around it with sections from Blackout written upon said rice paper. Thus rendering me able to eat my own words.

I ate most of the cake myself, during the ensuing nights of sleeplessness and desire.  More chocolate has been poured into my veins in the past three weeks than codeine.

The result of this chocolate binge? My hair turned brunette.

My question to you, readers: how can be The Naked Blonde Writer, if I am now a brunette? Suggestions accepted, but never expected.

Author Tracy Williams, also known as The Naked Blonde Writer, has received a bursary from Literature Wales (formerly known as Academi) to write her second novel under the working title of Insomnia:  Doctors & Drug Dealers.  The bursary is for a six month period, during which time Tracy hopes to produce a first draft of 120,000 words.  She has been researching the novel for the past three years.  The story is vaguely autobiographical, loosely based on the author’s personal experience of lifelong chronic insomnia.  The confessional content of the narrative will, however, incorporate vast amounts of fiction and be rendered in satirical and allegorical form.  Tracy’s creative vision for the book is to achieve an aesthetic similar to that of William Burroughs’ Naked Lunch.

12 minute reading of first draft text.

This is an allegorical novel, seeking agent representation and/or publisher’s commission.  If you are an agent or publisher interested in seeing the sample text, do get in touch.

Credit: Written and Performed by Tracy Williams. Directed and Edited by Malena Barron. Produced by Greg Cannon.


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