:Cover of the first edition of Blackout

Thanks to all you orthography enthusiasts who took the time to point out the errors in the first draft. Blackout is now available as a First Edition from http://www.blurb.co.uk/b/6889760-blackout.

For a Kindle edition go to http://www.amazon.com/dp/B003AOAZLC

Tracy's Graduation BA

The Masters Degree is next: Or the Magnum Opus. Question to self: Author or Academic?

The Killer Elite

Robert De Niro was recently in a movie with me. It’s called The Killer Elite, loosely based on the book by Sir Ranulph Fiennes. Most of my scenes are now, thankfully, on the cutting room floor. Here’s what remains (I’m the one with the blonde hair).

Forty Years


The cake was a beautiful surprise; a replica of a vintage Smith Corona typewriter I recently bought out of pure nostalgia for the days when writers went click click clack clackety clack.  It had rice paper scattered around it with sections from Blackout written upon said rice paper. Thus rendering me able to eat my own words.


Author Tracy Williams has received a bursary from Literature Wales to write her second novel under the working title of Insomnia: Doctors & Drug Dealers.  The bursary is for a six month period, during which time Tracy hopes to produce a first draft of 120,000 words.  She has been researching the novel for the past three years.  The story is loosely based on personal experience of chronic insomnia.

12 minute reading of work-in-progress.

Credit: Written and Performed by Tracy Williams. Directed and Edited by Malena Barron. Produced by Greg Cannon.

Earlier this year I was approached by David Spencer, a freelance broadcast journalist and radio presenter, about The Naked Blonde Writer.

The resulting 48 minute telephone interview took place by telephone, which explains the recording quality.

Separate questions

If you’d prefer to listen to parts, I’ve separated the interview into a few themed questions and my response.

The Naked Blonde Writer (9 mins)

The British reaction to nudity and our attitudes to sex (18 mins)

Women at 40 (7 mins)

Stripped of technology (6 mins)

Latest project, personal themes and the power of the voice (8 mins)


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