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In Loving Memory of Marilyn Monroe, on her Birthday…
The Prologue for
The Dark Side of Tinsel Town

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Audiobook version of Hollywood Bus Stop is going well and soon to be serialized through various sites… meantime I found a nice website which contains the original short story published 2010…


Williams, Tracy. “Tales from the Hollywood Bus Stop.” Ambit, no. 199, 2010, pp. 32–38. JSTOR, http://www.jstor.org/stable/44343564. Accessed 26 Apr. 2021.


The Dark Side of Tinsel Town

Currently in production for book, audio and video….

TDSOTT is a memoir, factual to the core even though actual names
have been changed in order to protect those who claim to be living…

“I’m sitting beside the pool at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. And I’m waiting. Waiting like I always did in Hollywood. Los Angeles overhead is its usual flawless blue, as if some cosmetic sky surgeon has removed all clouds and creases of grey….”

“I got to Hollywood on a one-way plane ticket
paid for with stolen money…”

In a town often nicknamed ‘Holy-weird’ Gilson was the weirdest of them all…

The Dark Side of Tinsel Town: To Be Continued….

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First completed novel, 2009; BLACKOUT – The Dark Side of the Valleys

…every candle had burned out… And Bronwen was trapped inside a very strange dream…
They were searching the mountain… for Tessa… And the mountains were so beautiful that they held out their hands to thank the sky because it didn’t matter… if Tessa was not there…
Then John started ringing the bell for last orders and everyone shouted that it wasn’t time yet, John! It was not the right time!
Quick, quick, Rupert was saying, hurry up, please, there’s no more time.  All of us are waiting… Everyone:  except Tessa. God knows where Tessa had gone…
…she better say sorry, ‘cos I’m not fuckin’ sorry… She’ll have a shock now when she hears… Bronwen grinned from ear to ear…
Because one of these days Tessa would have to learn that a mother is a mother and, surely, Tessa must know deep down inside that whatever a mother does is never really wrong?


South Wales, U.K., 2009

from Blackout – The Dark Side of the Valleys

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