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Wales in Lockdown feels like Blackout…

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We are living in tragic times for literature. I just saw this tweet from Jordan Peterson:

I want to cry, instead I shall say, “we have always been at war with Oceania…”


At this rate George Orwell, William Shakespeare and all those genius white male writers will be forgotten an hundred years from now…


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Pregnant. Mother. Mother. Pregnant. The future stood waiting. The past stamped and pissed all over it… she imagined Bronwen, down in the belly of The Angel… relentlessly destroying a nameless child for all eternity… screaming on and on until… Tessa knew… nothing was going to change anything… only one way to avoid this truth: Drugs.
—- Blackout, 94 second sample:  https://soundcloud.com/tracywilliams/tessas-pregnant-mother-in-blackout-week-12-serialization

Subscribe:  https://tracywilliams.me/serialisation/

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Harry would never respect her if she kept talking like a whore, he said.
The advice fell on shameless ears.
There are some men with whom women find it easy to flirt, Tessa told Sam. And there are other men with whom women find it impossible not to flirt. Harry was both of these.

The surveillance footage from Tessa’s bedroom was the most boring, relentlessly eventless film Harry had ever watched. If nothing was going on in there save for staid intellectualism there was little point in spending money or time on that particular camera and tapes. Sam had no power over what she did when alone…
“Don’t you know the most erogenous zone in the female body is the brain,” Harry told his nephew. “Why don’t you go in there with her and … you know …”
Read to her.”

—- Blackout, The Dark Side of the Valleys. Chapter 17. http://www.tracywilliams.me/serialisation

—- to hear a 54sec sample: https://soundcloud.com/tracywilliams/tessa-men-in-blackout-week-10-serialization

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Blackout: Audio

The audio recording of Blackout will be released tomorrow at 9am to acknowledge St David’s Day in Wales. The first reading is free of charge. Interested listeners can subscribe in order to receive all subsequent chapters, one a week, on audio and in text form. This is a great way to read by listening to the author’s voice. Each episode is priced at £1.00 – the entire performance is eleven hours long. Each reading takes about 45 minutes. There will be thirteen weekly performances on every Wednesday from March 1st 2017.

I very much hope the voice will assist in emerging you more deeply in Blackout.

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