Youtube HELP!

My Youtube Channel

I have been suspended from Youtube for over a year. They claim my channel is still up and running. My channel is visible – but if I try to do anything (remove or add a video) I am redirected to a page which says ‘Unable to access a google product.’ I was apparently in violation of their community rules – patently untrue considering Youtube have videos of Naked Travellers…

Can anyone give me some advice?

The BEST FILM I have seen in years… his acting is truly superb, the story is terrifyingly traumatic… I could not take my eyes off it… Watch it, if you can take the pain…

Arctic, the movie

On this day in 1982 I was awarded First Prize for a short story in the Portsmouth local newspaper. The story was written in the first person and I was an American G.I. landing in Normandy on D-Day. Long before The Naked Blonde Writer, way back when Tracy Williams was only 11 years old…

Artist: Yosef Benali



Beware Taurenefx and Jubiter.com

I was bitten by a scammer claiming quick profit if I invested £250 in bitcoin through Taurenefx. They took £271 from my account and proceeded to give me nothing in return. One month later I am waiting in the hope that my bank will perform a chargeback.

Beware Bitcoin & Jubiter.com

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