The Castle

‘Once upon a castle snowflakes came whirling round while the clock in its tower chimed midnight and home sweet home sang across the courtyard as a lonely man all alone beheld the scene like a kaleidoscope dream – not hearing the song – when suddenly – from a land far away – a woman appeared.’

The work-in-progress shall be a novella very soon. It will also be recorded by The Naked Blonde Writer as an audio-book and posted on Subscribestar adult for VIP members only. 


‘The Castle’ is part erotica, part supernatural thriller, part historical novel loosely based on fact.
The book should be ready for your eyes and ears by the end of May 2019.


Photography: Yosef Benali

My Seven Sisters


My Seven Sisters

Archived Uncut



To hear the full version: 50 minutes from The Prelude to 
The Naked Blonde Writer’s
Hollywood Bus Stop
The Dark Side of Tinsel Town

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An Early Spring

By Y.Benali & T.A.Williams

Y.Benali & T.A.Williams

Her eyes – by far not her most attractive feature – were of the deepest azure imaginable, caressed as they were by the pale moonlight, lulling him gently into her infinite depths, drowning his prudence in a whirlpool of desire too powerful to battle – too magical to control – with reason.

His fingertips felt for what he could not see, so blinded was he by her unearthly light… her eyes… her eyes were the windows to his soul… through them he could see the golden key… only she could unlock him… only she could set him free to lay down upon this bed of sand… the bed that he had secretly labelled ‘Sin.’

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