My Seven Sisters


My Seven Sisters

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Archived Uncut


April 12th

2015 tanger window.jpg

Parade Bar is closed
Shadows across the mountains
Our cave awaits
Not yet too late
We can go there and start again.
Another page written without you
Another paragraph written about you.
The Cave Dwellers aching my heart
the separation tearing us apart.
Another birthday
Another beat
Another vision of a life we should be living…
my cave-dwelling, co-writing, spar-partner,
my best friend, my only friend.
To say I Love You
Doesn’t touch it.
We have all the Love we need.
Bring plenty to read
Bring water
Bring pillows
And blankets
And a chain
And a rope
some ribbon
And some of that honey for my throat
For after I scream…
The pleasure of our cave-dwelling dream…

Happy Birthday to my one and only Beloved Co-author.


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The Naked Blonde Writer’s
Hollywood Bus Stop
The Dark Side of Tinsel Town

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